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$144,000 A Year In Lost Revenue

Before I show you how much money you stand to gain by visiting this site, I would like you to read an excerpt from an article I read by Judy Capko (a medical practice management consulting and market research company serving physicians and healthcare companies throughout the United States for over 25 years). She wrote:

“It’s unreal how often I hear someone in a medical office express relief when a patient doesn’t show up for her appointment. It’s like, hey, we are already busy and struggling to manage our day, so a missed appointment is no big deal.

burning-money2Wrong! It’s a very big deal when patients miss appointments. It compromises their health and your bottom line. It may seem like missed appointments take some of the stress out of days that otherwise seem out of control, but in reality no-shows are a silent revenue thief that cost you plenty.

Consider a practice with an average of four missed appointments a day (which is fairly common); if the value of those appointments is estimated at $150 each, it’s costing you $144,000 a year in lost revenue. That’s based on a modest assumption of a schedule that covers five days a week, 48 weeks a year. Add another estimated $9,800 in labor costs to schedule, reschedule, and manage the paperwork involved with missed appointments and now the loss is over $150,000 for a single physician. Physicians simply can’t afford this kind of loss and shouldn’t ignore a problem of this magnitude.Click here to read the entire article.

That portion of the article reveals what is happening in almost every, if not all, medical offices in the country. According to researchers, medical offices and clinics are experiencing anywhere from a 5 to 25 percent no-show rate. The following calculator will give you a rough idea of how much money you may be losing, and roughly how much revenue you stand to gain if you find and implement the right no-show solution system.

Take a minute to input your numbers below, and see how much “no shows” are impacting you!

Appointment Lost Revenue & Recovery Analysis

show_me_the_money_smHere Is The Money!

Eye Opening Statistics:
Average Number of Appointments Per Day# Missed Appts & Late Cancellations Per Day
Appointments Per MonthMissed Appointment PercentageMonthly Missed AppointmentsAvg Dollar Value Per AppointmentMonthly Lost RevenueAnnual Lost Revenue
Reduce Loses By:=0X$=$0$0
Monthly Amount Willing To Pay For Savings:$0
Your Monthly & Yearly Net Gain in Revenue:$0.00$0
Your Possible Return On Investment (ROI) ?%

Now just for the fun of it, go back to the “# Missed Appts/Day” box above and enter the number “1” in it. The calculations will reveal how much additional earnings you would gain if just “1” person per work day keeps his or her appointment because of this reminder system. This is just one of many ways the complete system could increase your overall yearly earnings. Let us set up a system for you!

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