Advance Appointment Reminder System

SMS Text Messages Reminders – Voice Calls Reminders – Email Reminders

This multi-faceted system almost assures you that your reminders will be received and acted upon. Couple this system with multiple reminders per patient/client, like 72 and 24 hours before an appoint, this will greatly help you to decease the number of no-shows and late cancellations your office experiences on a per month.

  • Schedule reminder messages for future delivery
  • Quickly add new contacts to your database
  • Easy appointment time setting
  • Search for an existing contact in seconds
  • Easy appointment rescheduling through patient/client search
  • Create automated templates to schedule reminders quickly and automatically without typing each individual message
  • Edit or cancel queued reminders at anytime
  • Ability to schedule multiple reminders per appointment (ex: 3 days before plus 1 day before)
  • Text-To-Speech voice reminder
  • Recorded audio voice reminder
  • Text/SMS Confirmations (Reply “C” to confirm)
  • Phone/Voice Confirmations (Press “1” to confirm)
  • Email Confirmations (A confirmation link is added to the email automatically)
  • Phone/Voice Confirmation Call forwarding to a live person (press “0” to be transferred to receptionist)
  • Email Confirmation Redirect URL
  • Import CSV files
  • Automatically text, voice call or email your patients/clients best wishes on their birthdays or anniversaries
  • Send reminders of checkups or prescription refills.

This system is hosted on the Internet on one of the most trusted and secure web hosting companies in the world. Automatic daily backups is another advantage of our amazing system. The no more need for you to worry your computer crashing and you losing your information.