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Every medical practice in the world, no matter if the office deals with psychiatry, general family medicine, or if it is a dental or chiropractic practitioner office, they all know that two of the biggest financial issues that impacts their practices negatively are "No-Shows" and "Late Cancellations". When patients don't show up for their agreed upon appointments the office does more than loss money, the flow of patient care is interrupted, and office productivity declines which also impacts the practice financially.

Despite the fact that the patient did not show up, the office still has utilities expenses that will need to be paid. The same is true for the salary of the staff.

Something that is often overlooked when no-shows take place is that patients who need immediate care must wait to be seen because time has been blocked for originally scheduled patients. Last minute cancellations are less disruptive but can still create an administrative burden.

If an office experiences just one no-show every day or two, they are looking at thousands of dollars in lost revenue per year. Oftentimes, equaling to more than at-least one office staff's salary.

Reduce No-Shows And Late Cancellations By As Much as 50%

The purpose of this site and the services we offer is to introduce you to a variety of products and services that take advantage of many relatively new technologies and approaches that could help you dramatically reduce your no-shows by as much as 50%, while at the same time, help you to rapidly fill late cancellations slots, almost as soon as they occur.

Also through this site, and the calculators we make available to you, you will be able see approximately how much money you are currently losing because of no-shows and late cancellations. You will also learn how much added revenue you may be able to add to your bottom-line.

Online Systems That Saves You And Helps Make You Money!

  • Excuse Elimination Plan

    Let's face it, people are busy. People miss appointments for a book full of reasons; our plan of action helps to eliminate about half of them.

  • Appointment Reminder

    Reminders can be sent by Mobile Text Message, Email and/or Voice Call. Stop losing time and money on costly no-shows!

  • Flexible, Adaptable, Easy To Use & Affordable

    Regardless of how large or small you practice is, our system can be configured to meet your needs.

  • Cancellation Slot Filler

    Sent out open appointment slot text messages or voice calls to 20 or more people within minutes of a cancellation or no-show.

  • Show Your Patients How Much You Value Them

    Automatically text, voice call or email your patients or clients a best wishes on their birthdays or anniversaries. Your patients will love you and reward you for it!

  • And A Whole Lot More!

    These are just a few ways our systems can help you recover lost revenue. Our overall services can also help you increase earnings in several other ways! Click Here To Get Started!

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